Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bathroom Reno:

Ahh... well it's good to see the nesting hormones are now in full swing! Last year about this time in the pregnancy I sprung for new living room furniture. This year I just decided to update our "master" bathroom a little. I use the word "master" kind of loosely. Try not to picture some grand huge bathroom with a huge deep tub or anything. The only thing that makes this bathroom this "master" is that it is attached to the "master" bedroom. Heh. Anyway, moving right along.

There wasn't a whole lot that really needed to be done. The shower and the vanity and such were all in good shape so there wasn't any ripping out or huge demo. However, there were things that just weren't awesome like so many of the other rooms in our house. I've mentioned it before. Those people, they cut corners and apparently were just sloppy all around. For example, the floor in front of the shower wasn't finished properly or sealed, so the moisture from the shower was causing the linoleum to roll up.

That was a simple enough fix. We had the local Marvin's pre-cut a piece of strip molding, which Tim then used to tack the linoleum back down and then caulked around it to seal the moisture out. The other big fix was the light fixtures/mirror. Bad, bad me forgot to take any "before" pics but we have the same ghastly light fixtures in the front bathroom too so imagine two of these:

On either side of a mirror in what appeared to be just a white picture frame. The lights, aside from being ugly, are impractical. It took 8 light bulbs to fill it up and even then the bulbs were just kind of hanging there. As for the mirror, well apparently they hung it there to hide the huge square hole they hacked into the wall in order to do the wiring for the lights. And once we removed the light fixtures, there were MORE huge holes behind them. looked kind of like they couldn't figure out how to get the wires through to where they needed them, so they just punched one through with a hammer. Way to go guys, way to go. Other than those things, the walls were a very ugly shade of like beige-ish pink. Kinda like this:

So, we replaced the light fixture and bought a new, larger mirror to cover all of the holes. We fixed the floor in front of the shower, and then painted the walls a more neutral color called "Bleached Wheat." Everything from there on was just decorating. We framed the mirror on either side with a matching set of wall hangings, and put up a bin/shelf organizer for all of the things that normally clutter the counter in there. Then I got some new chocolate brown bath mats, a new shower curtain and liner, and a set of chocolate brown "decorative" towels. And YES, I know that decorative towels are silly and serve no purpose, but they were cheap and they look pretty!

So here is a shot of my finished "new" bathroom. I really, really love it. I like that it's finally finished and that there aren't little tiny irritating things like the floor bothering me whenever I go in there, so now I can actually relax and take a shower in there and enjoy having our own space away from the kids' bathroom which is about to be, very soon, over-run with THREE kids.

So, for the interested: Here's the tally:

Paint and supplies: $20 (and I have enough paint that I could probably repaint the front bath the same color!)

New Light fixture: $16

Wall Art: $12

New shower curtain and liner: $12

New Mirror: $12

New Bathmats: $6 x 2= $12

Decorative Towel set: $10

Bin/Shelf organizer: $12

Strip Molding and Caulk: $6

Total Makeover: ~$115.

Not too shabby!


Tammie said...

it looks great!

bathrooms are fun to redo because sometimes it doesnt take much from going from hating it to loving it.

Karen said...

my bathroom has the same pantyhose beige paint and ridiculous lighting. I so badly want to fix mine up too. yours looks great.

Theresa said...

Thanks! The whole thing only took us like 2 days to finish up since we didn't have to do any major demo or anything. Bathrooms are a really easy thing to change up for not a whole lot of money as long as the bones are good and they are small like ours are.