Monday, November 16, 2009

Whew... I made it!

Well if you've been following around you know that last week was full of hurrying around and planning and trying to prepare for the gobs of people we had over yesterday to celebrate Calvin well... just *being.* By some miracle, everything went great! Even with both sides of the family present. It went over much better than the last time both sides were present in one place (our house, thanksgiving, about 3 years ago). There ended up being 18 people not including the hubs, me, the B, or the baby. It was INSANE! But, lots of fun all the same.

Calvin looked pretty dapper in his blessing gown, which I got lots of compliments on and am still very proud of. Here he is with his new godparents: My sister Allie and my brother Malcolm.

Here is Tim, looking very handsome and striking his "Napoleon" pose for the occasion. Don't mind Malcolm's goofy expression. He has a habit of acting out when pictures are being taken.

Take for example: this picture of him and my dad at my wedding. This would be his favorite pose and much to my mother's embarrassment, someone snapped a picture of him doing this same thing with the Archbishop and it appeared in the Catholic week. However, the Archbishop thought it rather delightful and sent my mother a framed 8x10 of the same picture. He comes by it naturally.

See? Here's Mom sneaking into my sister-in-law's pic with her boyfriend, Ryan. *laughs* Anyway, there were tons of pictures taken and lots of food... though not very many plates and forks. Seriously. We ran out about 3/4 of the way through dinner so there were people eating off of serving platters with giant spoons and that sort of thing. It was all in all very humorous. Lots of jokes were made at my expense about the lack of dishes and cutlery, but it didn't stop anyone from eating or telling me that the food was delicious! And the house was clean and everyone was comfortable and enjoyed themselves, so I was happy!

This would be the Wade side of the Family. From the Left: Dad, Angela, Grandpa, Kenny, Grandma, Me, Tim, Calvin, and Nadia.

This is the first picture taken of me and all of my siblings together in many years. LOL From the left: Allie, Malcolm, Noelle, and then Me.

And a fun one as well! We're are hopelessly un-gangster, but we try. *laughs* So all in all I would say that the hectic week was well worth the actual visit. Even if I was ready to pass out by 6:30! To make up for it, we all spent the entire day in our pajamas and did a whole lot of nothing all day long. It was wonderful!

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Aleta said...

What a delightful family. I had to laugh about his pose. Greg is like that too. He Loves to make people laugh and do goofy things via camera shots!