Friday, November 13, 2009

Wasn't I supposed to be doing something???

Oh right! Christmas presents! Doh! I only have like a million of them. So as I mentioned, yesterday and the day before I spent working on the Baby's welcoming gown. Miraculously, I finished it yesterday and then my camera died. I got new batteries last night though so here is a picture of it:
I am so proud of myself for not screwing this up too badly. I was terrified of all the "gathers" involved but I managed to make them look fairly decent. Plus I didn't use the pattern for the collar, I winged it. The collar in the pattern was round and I couldn't figure out how to put the trim on it, So I made a more squared off one.

See, this is why I had to use the trim. The lady's who own Glen's (my favorite discount fabric store), GAVE me this fabric. They gave me FIVE yards of this beautiful white fabric with an embroidered trim as a GIFT for the baby because I've been going in there since the B was a few months old. This was their baby gift they said. I was so touched and I wanted to make sure that I used some of the trim to dress it up. So I used it on the legs and the collar and if I get to make that jacket, I'll use it on the jacket as well.
Yesterday evening I decided that all of this sewing I'm going to be doing warrants a new pincushion. So I made one. Yep, I wasted a whole hour of precious sewing time making this thing:

Procrastination?! Who?! ME?! NEVER! Anyway, it's all slightly wonky as I discovered that the blue striped fabric apparently melts and shrinks when you iron it. Whoops. But it's functional and bigger than my last sad attempt at pincushion making. I also managed to get exactly one crayon roll finished last night. Only about 5 more to go! WEWT! So now that I'm done... uh.... NOT procrastinating, I will go back to the sewing machine and make more presents, which by the way, I am thoroughly enjoying! I know it *might* sound as if I'm really not enjoying it, but truly I love sewing... even when I'm cursing at my machine or ripping stitches... I'd even go so far as to say I'm ADDICTED to sewing... or at the very least I KNOW I have a problem buying fabric. I can't stop myself! In any case, getting back to the sewing machine is going to be infinitely more fun than folding the three loads of laundry still waiting in the laundry room! So with that said.... later taters!


Not Hannah said...

Do NOT go to Tammie's blog, because cool chick links to Anne Marie Horner's new fabric and you will die down dead. For reals.

Barefoot_Mommy said...

I know... it's a good thing I'm already broke or I would be in a very short amount of time. LOL

Tammie said...

ha ha ha ha...i just read not hannahs comment.

anyway....the gown is GORGEOUS!!!! i am so impressed and jealous of your skills. i bow to you.

Barefoot_Mommy said...

Thanks! But no bowing is necessary. LOL There are more mess-ups on that gown than the picturesw show. LOL

Daphne said...

So pretty! Great job.

Barefoot_Mommy said...