Thursday, November 12, 2009

Irritations Galore

Well this has just been one busy busy busy week, and it still isn't even over yet. This coming Sunday we are celebrating the baby's "christening/welcoming" thing whatever you want to call it. Either way, it's just going to be a small ritual to celebrate him being born and is a chance to name godparents and bless him and all of those wonderful beautiful things. What this means is that on Sunday there will be AT LEAST 15 people in my house not including myself and the hubs and the babies. There will be tons of food, which I have to prepare and almost no room for all of the people we are expecting.

I've been stressing out all week trying to finish sewing up the baby's little gown/romper thing for the welcoming as well as trying to keep the house caught up so that on Saturday I don't have a nervous breakdown trying to clean everything before the people start showing up. I finally finished the gown today and if I have time in the next couple of days a matching jacket *MIGHT* happen... but I'm not making any promises.

I have finally got all of my groceries together for Sunday: Ham-check, green beans and mushroom soup-check, potatoes and cheddar cheese soup (for cheesy scalloped potatoes)-check, ginger snaps, 6 packages of cream cheese, 2 cans of pumpkin puree' (for pumpkin cheesecake)-check. How I'm going to prepare all of this food with one oven-uh................ I have pretty much decided though, to do all of the actual COOKING on Saturday, that way on Sunday, all I have to do is heat everything back up and I can still visit with all of the company and family that will be here.

Meanwhile, I've had a sinus infection the last couple of days, the baby has decided to stop napping during the day, and I forgot to bring the B to preschool this morning. Yeah... I FORGOT. How could I forget?! So, the only way I've managed to get anything done at all is by hoodwinking my mother into taking both of my children to her house yesterday afternoon.

I still have 3 loads of laundry waiting to be folded and at least as many more waiting to be washed. I decided to make the leap and stop buying and using paper towels so I now have a huge bag of cloth napkins to wash and fold. I need to find two large tables and chairs to borrow. I need to clean the bottom room and set it up for eating in. I need to put new carpet down there too, but let's face it... that is so NOT going to happen in two days.

Meanwhile, I keep getting stupid friend requests on myspace from people that I DO NOT KNOW. Why? Why? do these strange people keep trying to add me? I recently deleted a ton of people from my myspace with the intention of only keeping up with the people I actually talk to and have a relationship with, thereby using myspace for it's actual purpose: I.E. to keep up with friends and family that I don't get to see in person on a regular basis. It annoys me that weirdos think I want to be their friend simply because we live in the same area or have mutual friends.... is that anti-social? Mean? *shrugs*

I'm also frustrated and have indigestion because every meal I've eaten in the last four days has been eaten at top speed while the baby screams in the background to "PAY ATTENTION TO HIM AND PICK HIM UP!!!!!!" I have literally scarfed down whatever food-like substances I could find as fast as possible just to get in some sustenance.

Not to mention that over the screaming, the B is constantly saying, "I'm SOOOOOO hungry! I'm Soooo thirsty!!" Nevermind that she just ate an entire waffle with peanut butter and syrup and a huge glass of milk. Is this a growth spurt or something? Because I swear as soon as she polishes off one meal she is asking about the next.

My nerves are seriously short at this point and my temper is even shorter. And if I get one more request from some weirdo on myspace I'm going blow a gasket. Is it too early to start drinking? Because if it isn't I think I just might break into the wine I have set aside for Sunday..... LOL


Daphne said...

So... I'm taking it that my friend request won't be accepted? (just kidding, I haven't sent one, I'm not on MySpace...) Take a few deep breaths, a few shots of whiskey, and do one thing at a time. Buy your veggie sides at the grocery store if you have to. hugs!

Karen said...

It is never to early to start drinking. Also, you owe yourself some kind of baby carrier you can plop the baby into while eating. If it weren't for my sling I don't think I'd get to eat anything. Ever.

Barefoot_Mommy said...

Daphne- Thank goodness you aren't on myspace... it's full of weirdos! And not the fun kind either... the sort of creepy looking ones that make you want to lock your doors and windows.

Karen- I have two slings that I made before the baby was born, and I get INFINITE use out of both... however, lately the baby seems a bit disenchanted with the sling and screams even louder when he's in it.

Nowheymama said...

Would a virtual hug help? (HUG)

Barefoot_Mommy said...

Virtual hugs are always welcome! thanks!