Friday, November 6, 2009

The List:

Of what I am going to try to sew before Christmas:

1) Dora purse and matching crayon roll for Allie and Jeff's Haley

2) 1 my little pony crayon roll for Barb's Emmy

3) 1 crayon roll for Barb's Nadia

4) 1 sketch pencil case/wallet for Barb's Gabe

5) 1 sketch pencil case/wallet for Stormy's Henry

6) 1 sketch pencil case/wallet for Stormy's Amaya

7) 1 sketch pencil case/wallet for Stormy's Gabrielle

8) 1 crayon roll for Noelle's Anita

9) 1 tote for Mom

10) 1 tote for my sister Allie

11) 1 tote for my sister Noelle

12) 1 patch work scarf for my sister in law, Angela

13) 1 patch work scarf for Leanne

14) 1 tote for Jess

15) 20 christmas themed goodie bags for B's class

16) Clothes for B and Calvin

17) A Scarf for me

18) Pajama pants for Tim and the kids

19) A scarf for Tim

20) And any orders that come in from friends and family.

Somebody just do me a favor and shoot me now. Or at the very least, hide all of the breakable objects that are within easy reach of the sewing machine. Maybe I should go talk to my doctor about some prozac or something to help me through this holiday season........


Karen said...

Lady, you are so crazy I have to respect you for it! If you accomplish one third of that list you'll be my hero.

Not Hannah said...

Lady. I'm just saying...that is a formidable list. I'll be sending you "good work" vibes, but I'm thinking I'll need to light a candle, too. :D

Barefoot_Mommy said...

That candle sounds like a pretty good idea, Hannah.. but light it for my poor family, not me. LOL

Tammie said...

you....are gonna be busy!

how do you make your pajama pants? do you use a pattern?

Barefoot_Mommy said...

I know. I'm going to drive myself crazy trying to finish all of this up in so little time. I'm already starting on some things.

Tammie- I have a pattern for scrubs pants that I use a lot for pj's from when I worked in the nursing homes. But if I don't feel like draggin it out, I usually just fold a pair of pj's I already have in half and use that for the pattern. LOL That's how I do the kid's pants anyhow because I don't have a pattern for theirs.

AmyRay said...

Do you have pattern that you use for your pencil/sketch rolls? Or have you made one up for yourself?

Barefoot_Mommy said...

I had seen some sketch wallet things over on Sew-Fantastic and using a free online tutorial for crayon rolls I just sort of put the two together and tweaked it until I got a look that I liked. So I guess I made it up, but the idea isn't really mine... does that make sense?