Friday, August 7, 2009

Baby Sling

This is a picture of the baby sling that I just finished up sewing a few days ago. I had one my first pregnancy and Nadia simply LOVED it. If anything could soothe her, it was being carried around in the sling. Somehow, in the move over here though, it fell through the cracks and got lost.

I was researching the benefits of using a baby sling a few days ago and kept coming across pictures of all of these beautiful and colorful slings. They didn't have those when Nadia was little! I looked into some pricing, but ALL of them were fairly expensive. I just knew if I could find a pattern I could sew one up myself and thankfully, several of the companies who produce them provide patterns for free for moms that are looking for a more cost-friendly option.

I decided I like the look of the little "pouch" or "pea pod" types of slings better than the ring versions. Those rings just make me nervous. I'd be afraid the cloth would slip and the baby would fall out. I used the pattern provided by the Karma Baby website and it turned out beautifully!

Their design adds on a front pocket and toy ring for extras. I added a double pocket on mine for storing an extra bib, burp cloth, diaper, nookies, toys, or what-have-you's. It came together super fast and easy! So easy, that I went ahead and made up another one as a gift for another lady that I know is expecting right at the same time as I am!

For more information about baby slings, their benefits and the pattern I used: visit

Karma Baby's Website

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