Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Socks and Gloves

Lately, Nadia has taken to wearing this pair of hot pink gloves she found in a drawer ALL the time. She wants to wear them around the house, outside in the yard, to the store, to the doctor's office... she has even slept in them the last 3-4 nights. Yesterday she added a pair of mismatched socks to the mix. I recently discovered that the reason for this is because they make her hands more like "paws."
Nadia has always had what some would term an "overactive" imagination. This is mostly inherited as both her father and myself have always been imaginative sort of odd balls. The rest of it is all her. Ever since she was very small, she has had an unyielding love of all animals. She learned to bark before she learned how to speak in full sentences and her favorite pass time as a two year old was to stand on the front porch and bark until she got all the neighborhood dogs to join in the fun. Now she loves them all: cats, dogs, cows, horses, giraffes, elephants, alligators, zebras... show her an animal and she can tell you exactly what it is, what it eats, what sound it makes, etc. Wolves, lions, and dogs seem to be her favorites to impersonate. Hence.. the paws.

I was quite a strange child growing up as well... so you'd think I'd be a little more equipt to handle her expressions. However, I can't even describe to you the looks you get as a mom when you are pushing a cart through the grocery store while your four year old daughter is posing as a "Dog named Simba" in the basket. Hot pink paws out and all. *Laughs* I'll admit, sometimes it's slightly embarrassing... but then I just have to laugh and go with it. She may be a strange cookie, but it makes her happy. Besides, I did goofy things as a kid too and my mom always just went with it. I turned out just fine! *twitch*


Tammie said...

she is the cutest.

(btw: glad you got a kick out of some of my older posts.)

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Rochelle said...

Nice to see a kid that is creative. If she has that kind of imagination she will go far.