Saturday, August 22, 2009


So I was supposed to go in to the Dr.'s office for a check up on tuesday to see how things were moving along and such and whether or not we would be able to induce on friday. Well the office called about an hour before my appointment and cancelled it because Dr. Bowen ended up having a delivery.

I wasn't exactly happy about it, but as it turns out, I didn't end up needing to reschedule it anyway. By late tuesday night around 10 pm... I knew that I was miserable and it wasn't going to be too much longer. Sure enough at around 5 am on wednesday morning my water ruptured.

We called Angela to come and sit with Nadia and went straight in. By 6 am I was all set in the room and they were already coming in to administer the epidural. I wasn't sure I was going to use one this round since with Nadia it didn't work and was more trouble than it was worth. However, I changed my mind and thank goodness. That guy is sooooo my new best friend. The epidural was in and working in less than 20 minutes.

By 8 am I was already at 8 cm and after less than one hour of pushing, at 2:49 pm wednesday afternoon, my Mr. Man was born. He came out doing a summersault. Literally. The doctor literally had to catch him. I swear if he could talk he would have been like, "Tada!" Calvin Edward was born, weighing in at 8 lbs, 8 oz; and 22 inches long.

Thanks to the awesome guy who did my epidural, three hours after Calvin was born, I was already up and walking around and getting a shower. He obviously knew what he was doing. My recovery was super fast. We spent the last couple days at the hospital and finally got to bring him home yesterday afternoon. So far, he is a very relaxed and groovy kind of baby. The only time he really fusses is when we are changing him. Apparently naked is NOT his favorite.

We are still settling in, but between Mom and all of her friends I shouldn't have to cook for like a week. I'm seriously in casserole heaven over here right about now. LOL We are actually settling in pretty easily. Tim is off for the next week so that makes everything much easier. Nadia has been a doll and very eager to help in any way she can. Bless her heart. I think she thought Calvin was going to come out as a two year old. She keeps asking if she can help him learn to walk so they can play. LOL

And now I'm off to get in a little bit of nap and something to eat... not exactly in that order. LOL


Tammie said...

welcome to this world calvin edward.

Barefoot_Mommy said...

:) Thanks!

Elvis Craftstello said...

Congratulations on the new addition! A beautiful little boy...we're getting one in October when my neice gives birth to my first grand-nephew! Little boys are all the rage these days!

--see you on swapbot--