Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Yesterday was Mister's first doctor's check-up, and it was, of course, early in the morning. It would also logically follow that since I had to get up early to get him ready for the appointment, and Tim had to work nightshift yesterday, that Mister would NOT SLEEP the night before. Not a wink.

So yesterday morning, I dragged myself out of bed and grabbed the first thing I could find to put on. No time for coffee or to make myself look like a half-way-decent human being. However, Mister came out looking completely adorable as usual. What can I say? It comes natural to him.

I was hoping we wouldn't have a very long wait (I could hear my coffee calling to me), but of course, the office was PACKED with BABIES. I was very thankful that I had the foresight to do the baby sling. It is so much easier to pop him in there rather than the other option of lugging around the pop-out car seat (the option everyone else was using).

The sling allows Mister to feel all safe, snuggly, and secure while also allowing me to have TWO FREE HANDS, which are needed for filling out those stupid forms. I finally managed to score us a chair right next to the window so that at least we had something interesting to look at while waiting. And can I just say that Mister was the best behaved baby in the whole room? Not one peep the whole time. I could see the other mom's eyeing my sling. Yeah... they were jealous. *laughs* (not really)

Actually the real reason they were probably looking at me is because Mister had really bad gas (seriously) and through the entire duration of our time in the waiting room he passed it (loudly). I'm sure everyone thought it was me, but I refrained from protesting, "No really... it's the baby!" everytime someone glanced our way. But he seriously passed gas for the entire 30 minutes.

But in other news, he is doing very well. He's gained 1lb. and 3oz since his circumcision, and everything else checked out great. He was really good about waiting too. He slept most of the time until they pricked his little heal to check for whatever that checks for. As soon as the nurse relinquished his foot he settled right back down, after giving me an accusatory look through his one opened eye.

After I got him home from the Doctor's, I passed him off to Tim so I could take a small, but much needed nap. Then I went to the store because tuesdays are generally my day to stock up on all the things we are short on. Wal-mart had some of their fall decor out, so I had to sneak a peak over in that direction.

I bought two little sparkly pumpkins to send out with my "pumpkin recipes" for a swap, some stickers, some ribbon, a coffee mug, and individual packs of apple cider(also all for swaps). They also had out the halloween candy and did you know they now make "gourmet" candy corn? Well they DO! In all different flavors like chocolate pecan, apple cinnamon, and pumpkin spice. I bought a box of the pumpkin spice kind, and can I just say, DELICIOUS? It's like a tiny bite of pumpkin pie. I had some for breakfast with my coffee... yeah... I know... great way to blow my diet... but seriously it was all over on Labor Day anyway: The roasted pork, the beans, the twice baked potatoes, the pasta salad, the rolls!!!! I effin love carbs. I can't help meself.

Anyway, that was my day yesterday, and it's looking to be a fairly nice one today so far as well.


Daphne said...

Oh my goodness, your baby-gas story was cracking me up. :)

Terri said...

WOW what a story, your a busy lady. Thanks for posting my buttom to email me with your address at for a secret surprise in your mailbox. :) Have a great day