Monday, September 14, 2009

La la la la

I seem to be getting back in the swing of my daily routines if today is anything to judge by. I was up before 8 am. this morning, and for the first time since bringing the baby home, wasn't completely dead tired upon doing so. I actually felt fairly energized. In between Mister's feedings I managed to get the kitchen, both bathrooms, and my bedroom cleaned; to get a shower, get dressed, and actually put on a little makeup; and to make an Autumn wreath for the front door; all before 11 am.

I spent the entire afternoon visiting with Jess. I love you Jess! (hoo-rey for blog shout-outs). After Jess left around 4, I settled the baby back down for a nap and B put herself down for one (still not feeling 100%, the poor thing). I took the opportunity to pull out some of the gizmo's for mine and Tim's halloween costumes and start spray painting them. I'm *so* excited!

These have the makings of at least two pairs of aviator goggles, some gun toggles, and two avaitor pins. Just you wait and see.

I also pulled out my box of patterns and went ahead and cut all the pieces for B's costume as well. She wishes to be a "Fairy Princess" this year, and so she shall! I'm even thinking I will probably make her wings myself rather than purchasing any premade cookie-cutter ones. I'm still unsure of what I'm going to dress the baby as, but I'm thinking he's going to be a gnome. There is a tutorial for this hat and beard that i could do EASY... and how cute!

I'm trying to get my costume stuff started ubber early this year to make room for last minute requests... which will most certainly come from my brother. He *ALWAYS* calls me the night before to ask for my help and expects me to pull off the impossible. In his highschool carreer alone I have pulled off numerous projects in the middle of the night including fully printed t-shirts for foot ball games, a fully tattooed and sharpied torso for a dance, and several last minute costume add ons and alterations. I decided that I really want to at least get mine and Tim's costumes done before my birthday so that I don't have to put them off to help anyone else and informed my brother if he wants me to do his costume he needs to figure it out before the end of next week. LOL This year, I have put aside several make-up tutorials so that I can add a little something extra if need be.

So yeah, all in all, today was productive, and that makes me feel really good. For those of you who are locals and might be interested, Tim and I are planning on hosting a costume party again this year for halloween. This year, since Tim is off of work that whole weekend, we are planning for a bit more festiveness too, so if you'd be interested in coming out for it, send me a message so we can start planning and stocking.

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