Sunday, January 16, 2011

One of Those Days:

Ever have one of THOSE days, when the kids are driving you completely bonkers and you just want to hide out in the bathroom with the shower on, pretending you can't hear anything outside the door????

Yeah. I'm having one of THOSE. In fact, I'm only posting this blog in order to avoid the last few loads of laundry that will quickly become an impossible mountain if I don't wash them TODAY.

*sigh* It has actually gotten to the point that I would rather workout than wash and fold laundry. That's what I just finished doing, and now I'm thinking a shower would be way better than running through a load of wash.

Remember when NB was just starting school and I was all boo-hooey about her going off into the big wide world? Yeah... now as soon as I wake up saturday mornings, I'm counting down the hours until monday morning when I drop her off at the front door. Not that I don't love her, or even that I don't miss her, but now that she's gotten use to that much stimulation throughout her day, she is nearly impossible to deal with on the weekends.

She gets so wired up, and it's too cold to send her outside, so she just goes wild indoors. Neither of the babies nap when she is home, either. She's way too loud. Tomorrow is a holiday, so my weekend has been extended by one more day. Tim is on night shifts, so he is spending the days sleeping and the nights away from home.

I realise this blog is turning into random tidbits and probably should have written it in list form. Oh well! In other news, I tried Zumba this past week! In Public! TWICE! I actually really enjoyed it and am planning on going back this week too.

Sorry for this random post, but it wouldn't really fit in on my other blogs. So now it's here.

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